Send Schools

We help schools and teachers work with, teach, grow and develop children of mixed abilities.

At Pear Education, we understand the difficulties that SEND schools have when it comes to finding staff to fill certain positions. It takes a different skillset, education and dedication than that of a traditional school and finding those candidates through the sea of applicants can be tough waters to navigate. Our process for vetting and shortlisting these types of applicants is tailored for the needs of the pupils, the school and the applicant themselves. Working within these guidelines, we do our utmost to provide as perfect a match as possible each time.

With more and more SEND schools opening in London and throughout the United Kingdom, demand for dependable, trained and experienced teachers is growing. Pear are doing our very best to keep up with the demand by having a stable of qualified staff on our books at all times. If we cannot immediately find a good match for an employer, we make it our goal to find one as soon as possible, so as to ease the burden on the school seeking a staff member.

Pear Education does not simply recruit and place teaching staff, but we also provide support for both the school and the staff once the job has started.