We pride ourselves on our ability to truly understand what our schools are looking for and match vacancies to candidates by understanding what it is that you are looking for.

By registering with us, we’ll be able to ensure that we match you will the best available jobs. Once you have registered, you may be invited in to meet with us prior to being put forward for any roles.

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Please provide details of all employment within the last 5 years along with the name and contact details of referees who we may contact. By providing these details you are giving permission for Pear Education Ltd to contact your referees for a reference.

Do you have any medical condition which might hinder your ability to work?

Have you ever had any serious accident or operation or suffered from any other illness?

Are you in good health now?

Do you hold a valid and current DBS which is registered for the Update Service?

If applicable do you hold any overseas police check

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense which is unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders act 1974

Do you have any previous convictions, whether or not they are spent with in the Act, including and cautions, reprimands, final warnings, bind-overs or and convictions from overseas?

The information you give will be treated in confidence and only taken into account if it relevant to the post for which you are applying for.


I confirm that the information provided on this form and within my CV, if applicable, is both truthful and accurate. I have omitted no facts that could affect my future employment. I understand that any engagement entered into is subject to documentary evidence of my right to work in the UK, verification of any professional qualifications and is subject to satisfactory references. I expressly consent to any sensitive or personal data, disclosed as part of my application, being used in connection with the search for work, subject to the relevant Data Protection legislation. I will inform Pear Education Ltd immediately of any circumstances that may affect my work, such as changes to health, subsequent pending prosecutions or convictions, which may arise whilst I am registered for permanent or temporary work.