Primary Education

The most formative years of a child’s education, primary school is where solid foundations are set!

Based on a recent national headcount of students conducted by the Department for Education, there are an estimated 8.2 million pupils in all schools throughout the United Kingdom. Over half of those, an estimated 4.2 million are attending state funded primary schools. These are numbers that are at an all-time high and numbers that continue to grow annually. Therefore the need for teachers and in particular primary school teachers is also growing.

Teaching and developing students in the best way possible in the earliest parts of their formal education is imperative and guiding young pupils through the first three Key Stages of the national curriculum can serve as a fantastic foundation for their secondary school education. There has never been more of a need for experienced, qualified and dedicated teachers and educators. Something we are proud of at Pear Education is our experience at placing experienced primary school teachers with schools in need of them.

With not only the amount of pupils rising yearly, but the amount of pupils per teacher, there is an increasing need for more primary school staff to combat the bloating class sizes, which only serves as a detriment to those students desperately in need of attention and nurturing. At Pear Education, we are aiming to do our part to provide this resource to schools.