A child’s first foray into the education system, pairing good nurseries with good recruits is key.

Just as it takes a certain temperament and skill set to teach anything from primary to secondary school, it takes a certain type of person to work with children’s minds at the earliest of stages. At Pear, we don’t only aim to place good staff with good schools, but we also strive to put good staff on career paths they may not have considered and sometimes that can include teaching nursery students.

With parents often wanting to go back to work early in order to maintain a steady track on their career paths, more and more children are enrolling in nurseries throughout London and the whole of the UK. As with all other numbers accumulated by the Department for Education, there appears to be no slowing down of these numbers. So good, experienced, and qualified nursery staff are becoming an increasing necessity and the different support and staff positions needed are ones we are finding ourselves recruiting for more and more.

At Pear, we work to support both staff and schools, before, during and after placement. We are always doing the necessary research to find out what staff and schools need, not only from us but also from prospective candidates. Making as harmonious a match every time is something we strive for and we are always working hard to make sure our methods lead to the best results possible each and every time.