North London

North London is a fast growing area in London and Pear has a strong recruitment foothold in the area.

Being able to boast that your area is home to the best school in England is something that only one area a year can say and for 2016 the Henrietta Barnett School in North London can proudly boast that fact. Every student at the school received results of A to C in English and Maths GCSE exams, cementing the school’s place as one of London’s most sought after.

There are many good, diverse and large schools in North London, which includes the London boroughs of Barnet, Enfield and Haringey. Many of these schools are seeking staff of different types to manage and teach their student body and at Pear, we are happy to say that we are actively helping recruit these much needed staff members for these schools.

There is a lot to love about North London and a lot to love about its student population. Therefore it is no wonder why North London is one of our most sought after areas when speaking to new candidates and recruits who are looking for jobs.