Home Counties

At Pear Education we also cover schools in areas immediately outside of London. Schools in places like Essex, Kent, Surrey, Hertfordshire and Sussex area are fast improving and the populations of the areas are fast growing as many people are leaving London due to the rising cost of living. For this reason and more Pear Education has spread its recruitment coverage to these areas.

Recently, Essex schools have risen in the school rankings, and are on average meeting or beating the national average in GSCE and A-level scores. Due to the influx of new people in the area, the school population, as well as Essex’s population as a whole is becoming more diverse. With already well over one hundred thousand pupils in primary and nursery alone, class sizes are growing and schools are trying to meet these expanding school numbers with more qualified and experienced staff.

The Home Counties are certainly a thriving hotbed of education and we are actively encouraging many of our new recruits to consider the area for their next jobs as there are a rising number becoming available.