Building Your Career

For every career, there is a start and how you start is a good way to set your career on the right path.

We’ve all been in the position of wondering whether we are on the right path or wondering if the thing we’ve been doing for x amount of years is actually the thing we want to be doing forever. They are important questions and ones you should ask yourself often.

The old adage of doing something you love meaning you’ll never have to work a day in your life is a true one. Take teaching for example, we all remember our favourite teachers, the teachers we can look back on and tell loved what they did. They loved their school, loved their students and loved their job. Those are often the teachers you go back to see are still teaching at your old school. They are the people who inspire us and the people you should look to for guidance if you want to work in education yourself.

Of course, there will always be moments where a job is harder than you imagined, but if you continually ask yourself the question of whether this is what you want to do and the answer is yes, then push forward!