Pear+ Explained

Pear+ is a 10 step selection and recruitment policy which assures compliance and safeguarding.

CV Screening

Two experienced consultants screen each CV to ensure each applicant has the necessary experience, qualifications and skills.

Telephone Interview

A telephone interview is carried out by an experienced consultant; here we look for good communication skills and the ability to build a good rapport.

Invitation to Register

Unlike other agencies we request references before registration. This is our way of ensuring that we only register highly skilled and professional candidates.

Face to Face Interview

First impressions count! We carry out an in depth interview exploring the candidates previous position, the reason why they left and what their ideal position would be ‘rapport’.

Qualifying & Eligibility

Part of the registration process is to establish the candidates true identity and to qualify their qualifications. Candidates are required to bring original documents. Ideal position would be ‘rapport’.


This includes a List 99 check, Employer’s Access and a DBS check. Any disclosures are risk assessed and followed up with the ISA if necessary.

Candidate Agreement

Once a candidate has been fully vetted they are required to sign an agreement outlining expectations certifying reliability, punctuality, commitment and dedication.

Screen and Shortlist

We screen each candidate for required skills, select and discuss the position to obtain agreement before creating a short list for each specific position.

The Negotiations

When a position is offered to one of our candidates all vetting information, fees and AWR requirements are negotiated and agreed to ensuring transparency.

Ongoing Support

We guarantee quality, skilled professionals who will perform as a regular member of staff. With an open door policy we offer support 24/7 and encourage feedback.

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